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Previously: I rewatched Division 1, Division 2, and Division 3.

volvo game of thrones competition 2020
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volvo game of thrones competition 2020

1. Oooh a algid open. And it’s ICE! Why am I so aching by a goddamn brand actuality destroyed? 


3. Jaime’s had a haircut. I still adopt his Prince Charming beard tbh. 

4. Acceptable to see Tywin is atrocious alike to his favourite child. 


6. OMG Oberyn is triggered added than I am at the Rains of Castamere. 

7. Same, Ellaria, same.

8. “And beautiful, blue-blooded Rhaegar Targaryen larboard her for addition woman.” My R L=J senses are tingling. 

9. Oh, how I ambition Oberyn got his revenge. 

10. The dragons are tweens! 

11. Daario 2.0! What a babe. 

12. Sansa is too depressed for auto cakes. My affection hurts.

13. Jaime’s got his aureate hand! And Cersei has her Qyburn. 

14. Cersei is so beggarly to Jaime, afterwards aggregate he did to get aback to her. Jaime, aloof canal her appropriate now! You can do it!

15. I fucking abhorrence Thenns too, Tormund. 

16. Oh no. I can’t cope with Jon Snow talking about Robb. 

17. “I’ve done affluence wrong.” Iconic Jon moment. 

18. There’s that asleep sparrow antic from Margaery. Way too real. 

19. Ser Duncan the Tall advertence for prequel fans.

20. Joffrey, you leave Jaime alone.

21. Dany has no time for Daario’s flowers. Meanwhile the dejected rose aloof makes me anticipate of Lyanna Stark.

22. I adulation how Brienne is arduous Jaime to accumulate his vow to Catelyn.

23. “Are you abiding we’re not related?” That’s about a analeptic band from Jaime. 

24. I avoid at Arya adage “no one”.

25. The scenes amid Arya and the Hound are the best allotment of both their storylines, tbh.

26. Why yes, the Hound WOULD die for some chickens. He’d absolutely annihilate for them. 

27. Arya’s animus continues. Gruesome. Perfect.

28. And she has Needle again! AND a horse!

29. And the Hound has his chicken. <3 <3 <3

30. Oh no. Ramsay is hunting.

31. Can’t delay to see those hounds rip HIM apart. 

32. Ah, Bronn and Jaime assuredly meet. I adulation their dynamic.

33. “I abode far too abundant assurance in you.” True, Roose. True.

34. “If Bran and Rickon are alive, the country will assemblage to their sides.” That complete you apprehend is me sob-laughing. I’m not over Rickon. 

35. And now I’m aloof apparent bawl over Theon award out about Robb’s afterlife like this.

36. The action at seeing Joffrey get what’s advancing to him is somewhat abject animate that Ramsay sticks about for awhile and he is somehow SO MUCH WORSE.

37. Ohhh why didn’t Shae aloof leave?! He was aggravating to save you!

38. Mel, Stannis and Selyse afire bodies animate again. Including family. What happened to Shireen was constant with their actions, unfortunately.

39. OMG Shireen giving Melisandre lip about the sacrifices is accompanying giving me activity and breaking my heart. 

40. Bran has been hit with the adolescence stick all over again. 

41. Margaery’s bells attending is absolutely iconic. 

42. Yep. I absolutely address Olenna and Tywin.

43. Bronn saw Shae leave on that address so… did she aloof captain appropriate back?

44. “Killing a man at a wedding… horrid. What array of monster would do such a thing?” I see you, Olenna, you goddamn adumbral queen.

45. Oh I aloof noticed bb Tommen 2.0 is here. 

46. CLINK. I heard that. Oh this is gonna be good.

47. This is such an emo adaptation of Rains of Castamere. Joffrey accepting them to stop is the best affair he anytime did.

48. Sexuality: Oberyn Martell eating. 

49. Loras’ improvement at Jaime’s blackmail about Cersei is so good. 

50. I am actuality for Margaery afraid up for Brienne.

51. Lolol @ Jaime’s “oh shit” face aback he sees Cersei talking to Brienne.

52. “In accuracy he rescued me, your grace. Added than once.”… “You adulation him.” My heart!

53. I adulation all the conversations area there are so abounding layers and buried threats in the banter, like this one with Oberyn and the Lannisters.

54. Poor Loras. Poor Sansa. Poor Tyrion. 

55. Tyrion’s abnegation to kneel afore Joffrey makes him admiration for Dany afterwards all the added powerful.

56. Joffrey’s afterlife is so hideous, yet so beautiful. 


58. Yes Sansa! Be free! Except ugh, beeline into Littlefinger’s slimy, artful clutches.

59. Poor Ser Dontos.

60. “What is a acceptable king’s distinct best important quality?” “Holiness?” Oh bb Tommen. No, no, no. 

61. You know, if Tywin hadn’t died, the High Sparrow wouldn’t accept been able to get the ability he did. So like, bisected of King’s Landing would still be alive. 

62. I abhorrence this scene. It is so inconsistent with Jaime’s appearance growth. I apperceive the creators said it was meant to be consensual but they did a piss-poor job of assuming it. 

63. “The gods will accept their vengeance.” Nah. But Arya will. 

64. “You’re the affliction bits in the Seven Kingdoms.” Iconic line. 

volvo game of thrones competition 2020
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volvo game of thrones competition 2020
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65. It’s so abashing what the Hound does to this nice man and his daughter.

66. “I will not be a folio in addition else’s history book.” Awks, Stannis. 

67. Aloof gonna savour all these Shireen and Davos scenes as abundant as possible.

68. Goddamn Oberyn is hot. I ambition he was about for added than one season.

69. Tyrion is so befuddled that Sansa fled. I absolutely can’t delay to see how their alliance plays out, if it anytime happens. 

70. Tyrion attention Pod, and Pod accepting affecting at adage goodbye, is authoritative ME emotional. God I achievement these two accumulate in Division 7, too. 

71. Uh-oh, actuality comes Olly.

72. Attending I don’t accusation him for his wildling abhorrence afterwards witnessing all this. But I still can’t absolve him for Jon. 

73. OK, OK, I do feel apologetic for Olly here. Poor kid. 

74. GRENN! EDD! I’m so animated they’re OK. (For now.)

75. This pissing antagonism to be Dany’s best is authoritative me laugh. And she’s like “you’re all too important to me… except you Daario.”

76. Daaaaamn Daario. Dany was into that. (Same.)

77. OK I’m not so into the peeing. 

78. *Masters attending about nervously*. 

79. You gotta duke it to Dany, ablution the burst collars into Meereen was a acceptable PR move.

80. I LOVE Grey Worm and Missandei. Their scenes calm are so lovely. I achievement they accomplish it out of this OK (lol I know, I know).

81. Ooft. Dany’s avengement abiding is brutal. I admiration if Ser Barristan is accepting flashbacks to her father.

82. “That was me animadversion your ass to the clay with your own hand.” I adulation Bronn. 

83. “Are you absolutely allurement if I asleep your son?” “Are you absolutely allurement if I’d annihilate my brother?” Don’t apperception me, I’m aloof over here, arrant over Tyrion and Jaime’s relationship.

84. “Sansa’s not a killer. Not yet anyway.” You should see her now, Tyrion. 

85. Attending at Sansa, addition aggregate out, my queen. 

86. Littlefinger makes my bark crawl. 

87. “Who could assurance you?” INDEED SANSA. Listen to your instincts. Do not assurance him. 

88. Yas Olenna. She could get it.

89. “I was the best archer in our hamlet.” OK yeah I’m starting to abhorrence Olly again. 

90. I can’t adjudge who in this arena I abhorrence best – Locke, Janos Slynt, Thorne… or Olly. 

91. Cersei and Jaime are already antagonistic about so much. If Jaime doesn’t breach from her absolutely in Division 7, I’m gonna be so abuse mad. 

92. BB TOMMEN. He is so out of his abyss with Margaery. It is rather off-putting.

93. SER POUNCE. Still allegation to apperceive the fate of him. 

94. Jaime giving Brienne his brand is absolute Freudian.

95. I adulation the actuality he capital to use the animate from Ned Stark’s brand to avert Ned’s daughters.

96. This armour is like the best present Brienne has anytime received. Well, except Podrick, of course.

97. Ahhhhh this adieu arena makes me emotional. It’s so beautifully done. Aggregate is said in their looks. 

98. Jon absent to bead aggregate to assure Bran arctic of the Wall is additionally authoritative me emotional. Gah, aggregate on this goddamn appearance makes me emotional.

99. Like this arena of Jon, aggravating to argue the Night’s Watch to go to Craster’s to annihilate the mutineers and avenge Jeor Mormont’s afterlife because he was stabbed by traitors, which is affecting for both Mormont’s account and for the anxiety of Jon’s storyline. Goddamn goddamn. 

100. Thorne was not assured that.

101. The skull! Oh god. NOT OK.


103. Also, ugh, Craster’s wives. Awful, awful, awful. 

104. It’s kinda odd that Gilly never absolved a additional anticipation for her family. You’d anticipate she allegation accept been abutting to some of them.

105. How did that babyish not die from the algid afore anytime extensive the Night King?


107. You leave Hodor alone, you backpack of shits!

108. How continued does it booty a Craster babyish to abound into an developed White Walker?

109. Who raises the children? 
Are there any changeable White Walkers?

110. I accept a lot of questions.

111. I feel ailing watching Tommen be crowned. This really, absolutely won’t end well. Like “long may he reign”, yeesh.

112. That Cersei cock-block, lmao.

113. It’s so absorbing to apprehend Cersei allocution about how Joffrey abashed and abashed her, but she admired him anyway.

114. Oh. I didn’t bethink her actively absent Margaery to ally Tommen.
 What is she up to?

115. Dany looks so admirable in this scene. Her wig is on point.

116. Alike admitting I abhorrence this storyline, at atomic she recognises that aloof actuality a Targaryen isn’t a acceptable abundant acumen to be the adjudicator of Westeros.

117. Looks like Robyn assuredly chock-full breastfeeding.

118. This allegation be such a nice moment for Sansa. Too bad her aunt is batshit.

119. Lol. Nothing like a little account to explain how Littlefinger absolutely acquired this accomplished mess.

120. Why is Cersei aback so accommodating to accept the Tyrell weddings booty place?


122. I address Sansa and auto cakes.

123. That’s Sansa’s “oh shit” face.

124. Hahahhahahha Podrick aggravating to ride a horse. Brienne is so over it. I adulation watching their accord develop.

125. I see you Locke, aggravating to accumulate Jon abroad from those wolves.

126. Bran and Jon were SO CLOSE to actuality calm again. Please, please, amuse let them accumulate in Division 7.

127. I’m not apologetic to see these algae mutineers and Locke die. 

128. At atomic Jon reunited with Ghost here.

volvo game of thrones competition 2020
 Price and Release date
volvo game of thrones competition 2020

129. The end of the appearance is gonna be the guys from the Iron Bank accession in Westeros to aggregate their money, and anybody is gonna be dead.

130. Yara is absolute acceptable at speeches.

131. Theon, go with her! Run!

132. Ugh, fuck Ramsay.

133. Dany is acquirements that cardinal is not all it absurd up to be.

134. Varys has adopted Littlefinger’s addiction of aloof staring at the Iron Throne.

135. Tyrion admired Tommen so much. Attending at his face, cogent him, “I understand”. Gah!

136. All those threats adjoin Joffrey accept clearly appear aback to chaw Tyrion on the bum.

137. Jaime is basically allotment Tyrion over Cersei actuality and it’s absolute important to me.

138. Abominably he’s played appropriate into Tywin’s hands.


140. I’m furious.

141. So is Tyrion.

142. This is an amazing access from Tyrion, alike admitting I’m watching it in balmy horror.

143. This is such a acceptable arena amid Jaime and Tyrion. Every arena amid them is.

144. Ah, the Mountain killing bodies for fun. 
As you do.

145. “Nothing could be worse than this,” Arya says, abrogation the Hound in absolutely this accompaniment later. 

146. She’s acquirements a lot from him in the meantime. 

147. Thorne is so pissed Jon came back. 

148. I apparently shouldn’t be mad at Bronn for acceptance himself to be paid off by Cersei, aback alike Tyrion isn’t. But I still kinda am. 

149. “Take off your clothes.” Best command Dany has anytime given. 

150. Daario 2.0 is *Italian chef kiss*. 

151. There’s a lot of dishabille in this episode.

152. I still appetite to apperceive if Melisandre’s abridgement of chaplet in this arena is declared to beggarly something, or it’s aloof inconsistency.

153. “When we set captain your babe allegation be with us. The aristocrat needs her.” Fuck. Did Melisandre and Selyse apperceive they’d bake Shireen aback then? Fucking hell. 

154. Daario you arrogant shit. 

155. “The affliction affair was it was my brother who did it, and my ancestor who adequate him.” And actuality is the allotment area the Hound makes me cry.

156. Hot Pie! “People with armour are usually knights.” “Winterhell.” Hot Pie, don’t you learn? 

157. OK, OK, you learnt how to actualize bigger aliment wolves.

158. Smug Brienne is the best. 

159. “It is attenuate to accommodated a Lannister who shares my activity for asleep Lannisters.” Oberyn is consistently acceptable value. 

160. Peter Dinklage is affecting in this scene.

161. “If you appetite justice, you’ve appear to the amiss place.” True though.

162. “I will be your champion.” Such a boastful moment. Such a GRRM affair to aberration it into article abominable later. 

163. Sansa architecture Winterfell out of snow while the Stark affair plays is messing me up.


165. You’re a cheat Littlefinger, you aching Cat the most, you prick. 

166. “You ability accept been my child,” he says afore kissing her. THE FUCKING CREEP.

167. I adulation the way this contrasts with his advance to kiss her in Division 6, aback she pushes him away. She’s developed so much.

168. “I accept alone admired one woman in my absolute life. Your sister.” The Lysa bead is the new mic drop.

169. I adulation this Night’s Watch aggregation so much. 

170. Hello yes I am actuality for the Unsullied ablution time. 

171. I address Missandei and Grey Worm so hard. 

172. I accept able-bodied and absolutely had abundant of Ramsay’s ache of Theon. 

173. I feel sick. 

174. Sansa don’t lie for Littlefinger. Run to Yohn Royce! He’ll assure you!

175. Yohn’s acknowledgment to the anticipation of Littlefinger kissing Sansa is the aforementioned as mine. 

176. Uh-oh Jorah, you’re busted.

177. Dany can’t alike attending at him. What a scene.

178. Ramsay actuality called a Bolton was so important to him. Makes Sansa’s “your name will be forgotten” alike added satisfying. 

179. “You’re not a adolescent any longer.” SHE IS, LITTLEFINGER, KEEP YOUR GRUBBY HANDS OFF OF HER.

180. I adulation how Arya aloof action aback she finds out Lysa is dead. What abroad can she do at this point?

181. “People die at their banquet tables, they die in their beds, they die clearing over their alcove pots.” I see you, writers.

182. This is a absolute able moment for Sansa, but its affiance was not delivered on in the afterward season. 

183. It’s so absorbing the way Jaime mentions accessory killing. It seems his accomplishments aback he was a bound still comedy on his mind.

184. Oh boy. Oh no. I am NOT accessible for this scene.

185. “You could at atomic abrasion a helmet.” YES OBERYN. LISTEN TO TYRION. 

186. I feel sick. I feel so sick. 

187. Abuse Oberyn is good. If he wasn’t such a show-off he ability still be alive. 

188. He goes abounding Inigo Montoya. If alone he was as acknowledged as Inigo. 

189. Yes Oberyn. Let him die. Finish him off!

190. OK I absolutely can NOT watch this scene. My easily are accoutrement my eyes appropriate now.

191. Oh god, the complete is bad enough.

192. Oberyn. 🙁 🙁 :(

volvo game of thrones competition 2020
 Release Date and Concept
volvo game of thrones competition 2020
Release Date and Concept

193. I bethink aback I aboriginal watched this scene, I vowed I was giving up on Game of Thrones. 

194. LOL attending how that angry out.

195. God I allegation a breach afterwards that aftermost episode. Not to go beeline into an Adventure 9. 

196. “I don’t know, I’m not a bleedin’ poet!” Iconic. 

197. I affectionate of adulation the approach that the buck Tormund fucked was absolutely Maege Mormont. 

198. Acumen #467 Game of Thrones has fabricated me cry: Maester Aemon talking about the past. 

199. Sweary Sam is so unexpected. I adulation it. 

200. That is a big fucking fire. 

201. This action arrangement is so abuse good. 

202. Attending I abhorrence Thorne, but he is actuality a abundant baton here. 

203. Ugh I can’t delay to see the end of Janos Slynt. 

204. Smart thinking, Grenn, sending Slynt away. 

205. Sexuality: Jon Snow arch his men into battle. 

206. The use of Ygritte’s breath to appearance her affecting accompaniment is absolutely effective.

207. Sassy Sam is my beloved Sam.

208. RIP PYP. :(

209. No Sam, don’t acquaint Olly to use a weapon. Goddammit. 

210. I apperceive I’m acclaim for the Night’s Watch, but it’s sad to see that behemothic go down. 

211. Jon is putting Edd in charge, and not for the aftermost time.

212. Grenn arch the added men in the Night’s Watch adjuration as they authority the aboideau gives me goosebumps. 

213. “I allegation him added than I allegation you.” See, Jon bare Ghost in this battle, yet he never took him into the Action of the Bastards. SOUNDS FAKE BUT OK. 

214. I mean, there are alike giants in this adventure too, which was the alibi as to why Ghost wasn’t in BotB. 

215. I’m still absinthian about it, is what I’m saying. 

216. Meanwhile that tracking attempt is A . 

217. Oh no. Ygritte and Jon accept bound eyes. Actuality appear the tears again. 


219. Don’t apperception me, I’ll aloof be over actuality weeping. 

220. GRENN. :(

221. “They captivated the gate.” Aaaand I’m complaining again.

222. Jon looks so asleep abaft the eyes. Kit Harington did a abundant job of cautiously assuming his affliction for Ygritte. 



225. Jon talking about Ned is authoritative me affecting for the 1000th time today. 

226. And we assuredly about-face aback to King’s Landing afterwards over an adventure in the north.

227. The Zombie Mountain is born. 

228. “I will bake our abode to the arena afore I let that happen.” Yep, yep, you will Cersei. And you end up accident Tommen anyway. 

229. Cersei I see you, you artful biatch. 

230. Alike Dany is ailing of audition all of her titles by this point. 

231. This man who absent his little babe to Drogon is heartbreaking. 

232. But it’s so arbitrary that the added two dragons get punished for Drogon’s actions. 

233. Their screams as Dany walks abroad are disturbing me apart. It’s so unfair!

234. Melisandre spotting Jon through the flames. FORESHADOWING. 

235. What’s larboard of my affection has aloof been ripped to shreds by Jon’s clandestine burial for Ygritte.

236. Oh good. Bran and co. are at the old Weirwood timberline area so abounding acceptable things will happen. (SARCASM ALERT IN CASE THAT’S NOT OBVIOUS.) 

237. Jesus this wight advance on Hodor is way too abutting to his absolute afterlife scene. TOO SOON. 

238. Bye Jojen. 🙁

239. The Accouchement to the rescue!

240. They attending so altered actuality to how they appeared in Division 6.

241. And so does the Three Eyed Raven. 

242. “You’ll never airing again. But you will fly.” Gonna see this appear to accomplishment in Division 7, I reckon. 

243. I achievement Brienne and Arya get to aggregation up at some point. They are such affiliated spirits. This baby moment of bonding is brilliant. 

244. The Hound angry to assure Arya, alike aback he’s got no one larboard to advertise her to, agency so much. 

245. This action is fucking brutal.

246. I’m so animated Arya couldn’t accompany herself to annihilate the Hound. This is addition alliance we allegation to see.

247. Jaime rescuing Tyrion fills my affection with joy. 

248. Their farewell! There’s aloof dust in my eyes this time. 

249. No Tyrion! Flee now! Don’t go up there. 

250. I abhorrence watching him annihilate Shae. It makes me so uncomfortable. 

251. Watching him annihilate Tywin, on the added hand, is appealing abuse great. 

252. For already I am adequate the Rains of Castamere. 

253. I adulation how Varys is aloof like “welp, yep, I’m out.”

254. And Arya is off to Braavos. The aftermost time I’ll adore her storyline for about two seasons. 

255. That was such a acceptable season. We’re so abutting to new episodes now! But first: I rewatch 5 and 6 abutting week.

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volvo game of thrones competition 2020
volvo game of thrones competition 2020
volvo game of thrones competition 2020
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volvo game of thrones competition 2020
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volvo game of thrones competition 2020
volvo game of thrones competition 2020
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volvo game of thrones competition 2020
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